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Please visit our Facebook Event Page for upcoming Krampus Events.

Krampus will return in 2023 

Grus vom Krampus,

We expect to return in 2023.

We are a family business, our family is proud of "Photos with Krampus" WE LOVE what we do, and our communities support is always AMAZING! We are doing great, please don’t worry about us. But recent personal challenges do not support us having the event we LOVE and that’s not how to operate Photos with Krampus.

Thank you for your support, see you 2023

Please continue to STAY CONNECTED through our website ( and social media (@pdx.krampus) & (@pdxmgp) 

Michael Gary Photography is always available for Standard photography services and photo booths. Please contact to discuss your needs.

Register at the event and receive a text notification just before your photo session with Krampus! 


To see more please visit our Krampus Album on Facebook

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